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May 26, 2017

The Straw Bale Gardening Class was well attended. The second class will be moved up to May 31st which will involve the planting. Some will see this notice too late to attend, but please feel free to stop by the Library at any time and see how our bales are progressing. We will be planting tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. So far all I have been growing is grass. Is that supposed to happen? We are also working on a rain barrel project.

Grandparents are invited to stop by the Library with your grandkids and paint a rock with their name on it to add to our rock garden. This is a special project in June titled “My Grandkids Rock”. Paint and brushes will be available at the Library and a limited number of rocks. So feel free to bring your own rock, or you can paint your rock at home and add it to the rock garden at your convenience. Our Library staff will be available to assist anyone who needs help.

We are also starting a “Wall of Memories” at the Library. People of the community are invited to drop off pictures of the persons in their lives that have built Marenisco and made it the caring community that it is. Old pictures or current pictures (because we are still evolving). Pictures of people, businesses, buildings, 4th of July, Mardi Gras and the German Orchestra. Events that brought us together, that made us laugh or made us cry.

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