4th of July

July 7, 2020

Winning No. for Marenisco 50-50 drawing is 2890.

Preparedness Plan to reopen the Marenisco Library

Executive Order 2020-110 by Governor Whitmer allows libraries to open on June
3rd 2020 subject to rules described in Executive Order 2020-97 for retail stores.

Prior to opening the library will undergo a deep cleaning, with emphasize placed
on high-touch areas, such as computers, table surfaces, door knobs and
restrooms. Volunteers will be trained in cleaning protocol at the start of their
shift, during their shift and in closing. They will be instructed to be conscious of
covid-19 symptoms, what to do if they or someone is ill and who to notify.

Opening the Marenisco Library will involve a three stage process.

Stage one will be curbside service only. If you know of a book you want, you can
call the library at 787-2501 during regular library hours. | will arrange for you to
drive up to the back door and | will bring the book out to you, wearing a mask and
gloves. Books can be returned using the outside drop box to the left of the
doorway. All books will be quarantined for 72 hours before re-shelving. This
stage will be from June 8th-June 22nd, 2020.

Stage two will be by appointment only. You can call the library during library
hours and make arrangements to come into the library physically to pick out your
book selections. Books can be returned using the drop box. All books will be
quarantined for 72 hours before re-shelving. This stage will be from June 22th-
July 6th, 2020.

In stage three, the library will be open to the public with certain restrictions.
Patrons will be required to practice social distancing. The number of persons in
the library at one time will be limited to four people. No toys or games can be
played in the library. Patrons are required to wear a face covering their nose and
mouth, unless the individual is unable to tolerate a face covering. The library will
be open on July 7th, 2020 to the public in stage three.

Stage three will continue until the pandemic is declared over or until Governor
Whitmer decides it is safe to return to normal.

Executive Order Letter March 23, 2020
Marenisco Township
314 Hall Street
PO Box 198
Marenisco, MI 49947
Office 906-787-2463 Fax 906-787-2244

Richard Bouvette, SUPERVISOR; Donna Kenney, CLERK; Diane Dean, TREASURER

Dave Hagen, TRUSTEE; Kelly Dunbar, TRUSTEE


Due to Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21, Marenisco Township offices will be closed to the public until further notice. Only essential services will be performed by Township officials and employees. Police services will be performed by calling 9-1-1 or calling Chief Mahler at (906) 787-2300. Water and sewer problems should also be directed to Chief Mahler. Utility bills may be paid by depositing payments into the drop box outside the office door. Tax questions must be mailed to PO Box 198, Marenisco, MI 49947 or placed in the drop box. Our Township Treasurer is no longer receiving delinquent tax payments or taking questions on them. Please direct those questions and payments to the Gogebic County Treasurer’s office.

The Township Public Hearing on March 30, 2020 at 5:45 PM must be cancelled. The hearing was necessary to discuss and approve the 2020-2021 Marenisco Township budget, which, by law, must be approved prior to April 1, 2020. A copy of the proposed budget is posted on the Township website’s (marenisco.org) bulletin board for perusal and comment. Other copies will be placed at the Marenisco General Store and the Marenisco Post Office, the only other Township businesses authorized to be open to the public during this time.

Marenisco senior meals are considered an essential service and will be sold to eligible people who call (906) 787-2503 before 10 AM on Wednesdays. Pickup will occur at the main entrance with no building entry allowed. There will be no delivery of meals. No line may form for pickup.

The executive order is in force until April 13 and may later be extended.

Richard Bouvette

Township Supervisor

101 Townboard 100,000
171 Supervisor 17,000
191 Elections 3,500
202 Auditor 8,800
209 Assessor 30,000
210 Attorney 5,000
215 Clerk 35,000
247 BD of Review 1,000
253 Treasurer 23,000
262 BLDG Inspector 9,000
265 Townhall 300,000
276 Cemetery 4,000
301 Police 67,000
330 Liquor Control 2,000
336 Fire Dept 45,000
410 Zoning 1,100
411 Zoning Appeals 150
446 McNitt 90,000
450 Street Lights 22,000
528 Rubbish 40,000
651 Ambulance 0
701 Parks & Rec 35,000
720 Insurance 40,000
729 ECO Devlop 2,000
890 Contingency 52,249
899 Tax Tribunal 1,000
905 Debt Service 2,000
Restricted Funds

TOTAL 935,799

401 Taxes 475,000
411 Other Taxes 1,300
424 CFR 10,500
425 MCNITT 30,000
476 Permits 4,500
508 Police Revenues 500
574 Revenue Sharing 75,000
607 Charges for Serv 1,000
643 Cemetery 600
644 Solid Waste 30,000
664 Investment Income 300
667 Rents 500
672 Special Assess 0
673 Sale of Prop 500
675 Contributions 500
676 Reimburse 200,000
686 Revenue Other 15,000
608 Zoning 500

Restricted Funds

Beginning Balance 90,099

TOTAL 935,799

Millage Levy 8.2130 mills
1.8814 allocated
6.3316 extra voted


February 17, 2020


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